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Learn the foundational truths you need to live, thrive and walk victoriously in all the promises of God.

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Moving from Passivity to Purpose

For many Christians, “church” is defined by attending an occasional Sunday service mired in an audience mentality. Virtually ineffective and having no impact, we have become a cultural Christianity that creates passive believers. Yet the Church is meant for so much more!

Tony Cooke challenges the way some see church with biblical and historical evidence that paints a radically different picture. Through New Testament exhortations, Tony mobilizes the body of Christ to action. He reminds us to be a living, fully engaged body carrying life to those who are lost and without hope.

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You Can Have Victorious Faith

In these last days, you need victorious faith because faith is the victory that overcomes the world. You can learn to have overcoming faith through the teaching of Pastor Mark Cowart on Victorious Faith.​

Once Saved Always Saved Debate

Richard Harris moderates Pastor Mark Cowart, Tony Cooke, Dr. Del Tackett, and Dr. AlexMcFarland as they discuss the idea of “Once Saved Always Saved.” Your faith will be stirred as we dive deep into this topic. 

– 1 JOHN 5:4

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Meet Pastor Mark Cowart

Mark Cowart has been in ministry for over forty years and is the Senior Pastor of Church For All Nations in Colorado Springs, Colorado, Director of the Practical Government School at Charis Bible College in Woodland Park, Colorado, and a member of the Board of Directors of the Truth and Liberty Coalition.